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VAR working to perfection

Football is a always changing sport. With teams using different styles and tactics to name a few ways it's changing, and now the World Cup is taking on a huge change right in front of our eyes at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, with added technology, and more specifically video assistant referee (VAR) at center stage.

When first introduced, I wasn't very supportive for VAR being a part of the sport. Some poor decisions and other missed calls, and some decisions taking too long, the idea of having instant replay just didn't sit well with me. Quickly, i've realized no matter what I thought or wished for, and I wasn't alone in thinking that VAR wouldn't be good for the sport, but VAR was here to stay.

And in Russia, FIFA has unleashed the video review system on the world, for good or for bad.

On Saturday, we got our first real taste of what we can expect from VAR and, i will be the first to admit that I was wrong. VAR worked perfect.

In the first game of the day, Antoine Griezmann went down in the box. To me, watching on the television, it seemed like a good tackle by Australia's Joshua Risdon. Griezmann went down and in typical soccer fashion, looked towards the referee for a penalty kick. Looking at the tackle on live TV, it seemed that even if Risdon didnt hit the ball first and it was a foul, that it might've been just outside the box. As several seconds went on and play continued, referee Andres Cunha called the play dead, pointed to the sidelines and made his way to the VAR monitor. Shortly after beginning the review, the call was over turned. It turns out that while chasing Griezmann, Risdon stepped on his back leg and tripping him while Griezmann was chasing the ball. The right call made and Griezmann soon there after took the penalty kick and made it 1-0 for France.

Later in the day, during Denmark vs. Peru, it seemed to the naked eye that that Danish forward Yussuf Poulsen missed Peruvian Christian Cueva's leg, as Cueva tugged the ball away and went down in the process. The play went on, referee Bakary Gassama told the players to get up and join the play. Shortly after, Gassama stopped play. Consulted with VAR in Moscow and upon the instant replay review, it did turned out that Poulsen had pulled the legs out from Cueva, causing a penalty. The right call was made again and Peru was given a penalty kick. Cueva happened to miss the kick, but for the purpose of getting the right call, in both instances VAR worked to perfection. It didn't take a lot of time and didn't ruin the flow of the game.

Just like FIFA said it would be.

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